Kit Gallup

Rhonda Harvey



Master of Architecture

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning

Arizona State University


American Institute of Architects (AIA) – Associate

Ms. Harvey is a dedicated design professional with a passion that lies in the seamless integration of her planning background with her love of architecture. She brings a unique perspective to her work. She takes pride in actively contributing to the entire project lifecycle, from the initial master planning phase to the transformation into captivating architectural endeavors, culminating in the realization of the construction process.

Over the years, Ms. Harvey has played a pivotal role in various projects, ranging from architectural design to urban mixed-use developments and large-scale master planning. Notably, her commitment to excellence shines through in her work on the award-winning master planning initiative on the Navajo Nation, titled “The Sustainable Journey of Beauty: A Regional Sustainable Community Master Plan.” This groundbreaking project earned the prestigious President’s Award for Planning and Design. She was also actively involved in the 10,000-acre master plan for Twin Arrows, Arizona, recognized as the new Western gateway to the Navajo Nation. Currently, Ms. Harvey is actively engaged in community-driven planning projects within the Bennett Freeze chapters, showcasing her dedication to community development.

As a Tribal member of the Navajo Nation, Ms. Harvey’s connection to her roots informs and enriches her work. She has actively participated in over 100 meetings on the Navajo Nation, demonstrating her deep involvement in the ongoing planning efforts.

Presently, Ms. Harvey is collaborating with several Native American Tribes in California on a diverse range of planning and architectural design projects. These include multi-family and single-family residential buildings, a hotel, health clinic, Tribal administration building, wine tasting studio, golf clubhouse, and outdoor event spaces. Her work exemplifies a harmonious blend of community-focused planning and innovative architectural design, reflecting her commitment to shaping sustainable and vibrant spaces for diverse communities.