The Studio

Our Challenge is to do more with less and to think beyond the pieces of the present to the wholeness of the future. Through smart growth, green architecture, and sustainable design, we endeavor to achieve nothing less than a revolution of values, with an emerging force to create better markets, while forever changing how we measure success.

Our Commitment to sustainability, by way of design, will respond to and interact with the built and unbuilt environments. We see this commitment as a co-dependent relationship that must be respected and nurtured.

Our Passionis to enhance experiences, and elevate and maintain balanced, efficient, and high-performance relationships between people, places, and the overall community.

The Pursuit of Sustainability

Optimize Values

Institute, encourage, and guide sustainable programs that enhance environmental, social, and economic health.

Conserve Natural Resources

Utilize renewable and recycled materials, including grey water for irrigation, and other non-potable uses.

High Performance Passive & Technical Design

Reduce energy demand associated with lighting, heating, ventilation, cooling, and other electronic devices, including solar responsive orientation and material detailing.

Innovate – Evolve – Educate

Demonstrate the integration and implementation of the best-of-the-best techniques that are beneficial to the future.

Integrated Land Uses & Multi-Modal Transportation

Shorten daily vehicular trips by way of walkable proximities, along with other alternatives such as shared vehicles.

Create Readily Usable Models & Systems

Facilitate continuously updated information on the use of all things green and sustainable for all building types.

Create 21st Century Communities

Devise new forms of settlement patterns with appropriate conditions for 21st century living.

Eliminate Waste

Recycle, reuse, reduce, and re-invest in communities.

The Studio
Martis Camp Family Barn | Truckee, California
The Studio
Chaparral Water Treatment Plant | Scottsdale, Arizona

Sustainable & Notable

Commercial Buildings

  • Martis Camp | Truckee, California
    • The Lodge (Pending LEED Silver Certification)
      Tradition and character adapted to its environment
    • The Family Barn (LEED Certified)
      Classically built to be treasured for the next 100 years
    • The Gate House (LEED Certified)
      Signature entry to one of the world’s greatest residential communities
    • The Starter Pavilion (LEED Certified)
      Setting the tone for integrating the outdoor lifestyle
  • Desert Discovery Center | Scottsdale, Arizona
    Setting the bar on desert architecture
  • Univision Television Studios | Phoenix, Arizona
    Unparalleled material and site integration
  • Red Rock Sanctum | Sedona, Arizona
    Form, beauty, and function combine their healing powers
  • The Studio | Scottsdale, Arizona
    Redefining garden offices and historic revitalization

Industrial Buildings

  • Chaparral Water Treatment Facility | Scottsdale, Arizona
    Simple forms and bold accents create a neighborhood favorite
  • Lake Pleasant Water Treatment Plant | Phoenix, Arizona
    Recycling the desert’s lifeblood
  • Scottsdale Water Campus | Scottsdale, Arizona
    Integrating urban infrastructure into a community

Residential Buildings

  • The Curci Residence | Paradise Valley, Arizona
    Inspired living, tailored to its surroundings
  • The Curci Residence | Sedona, Arizona
    Disappears into one of the world’s most stunning settings
  • Anterra | Phoenix, Arizona
    Multi-family living, integrated with style and substance
  • Montgomery Plaza | Ft. Worth, Texas
    Rehabilitating a historic treasure
  • Skyfire | Scottsdale, Arizona
    Cutting edge design & site integration
  • Kaiser Residence | Prescott, Arizona
    Timeless rammed earth flows from the land


  • Navajo Housing Authority | Window Rock, Arizona
    The sustainable journey of beauty
  • Martis Camp | Truckee, California
    Seamlessly blending nature and exemplary mountain architecture
  • Talking Rock Ranch | Prescott, Arizona
    Tailoring high desert architecture to its surroundings
  • Kukui’ula | Kaua’i, Hawaii
    Kaua’i’s living garden
  • DC Ranch | Scottsdale, Arizona
    The pinnacle of desert development respecting the integrity of the land
  • Mesa Gateway Center | Mesa, Arizona
    A model of 21st century desert urbanism
  • The Balam Escape | Belize
    Human values and purpose in a creative community
  • GreenTREC | Belize
    Showcasing cutting edge green technologies