The Vernon D. Swaback Scholarship at The School of Architecture founded by Frank Lloyd Wright





about tsoa

  • An intimate learning environment unlike any other. The intellectual life of the school is fostered by the core faculty and enriched by visiting scholars, artists, and architects from across the globe.
  • A NAAB accredited Master of Architecture program.
  • In residence at two historic Arizona campuses – Arcosanti and Cosanti.
  • In our 90th year teaching experimental architecture and learning by doing.

TSOA alumni panelists, Vernon D. Swaback, John Sather, Victor Sidy and Michele Yeeles.

Celebrating 90 Years


On April 6, 2022, The School of Architecture, founded by Frank Lloyd Wright as the Taliesin Fellowship in 1932, celebrated 90 continuous years of teaching experimental architecture and Learning by Doing.

To end the evening, a new Swaback Scholarship was announced by Taliesin Fellows Vernon D. Swaback and John E. Sather of Swaback Architects + Planners.

History in the Making

Vernon D. Swaback moved to Arizona in 1957 to become Frank Lloyd Wright’s youngest apprentice. He remained with the Wright Organization for 21 years, where he served as Director of Planning and was responsible for many of the organization’s major architectural projects.

Vernon D. Swaback with Frank Lloyd Wright in the Hillside drafting room at Taliesin (Wisconsin), 1958. Photo by Marvin Koner.

Vernon D. Swaback with Frank Lloyd Wright at a Chicago television studio.